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Hogar de Niños "La Aurora"

Hogar de Niños

Hogar de Niños "La Aurora"

Lima, Peru

Who they are:

Hogar de Niños “La Aurora” is a home for orphaned and abandoned children located 20 minutes south if Lima, Peru in the small coastal desert town of Pachacamac. The home is run by Sister Maria Angeles, of the congregation of the Nuns of St. Vicent de Paul (Hermanas de la caridad de San Vicente de Paul).  There are over 30 children currently living in this home, mostly boys, aged between 3 and 12. Most of the children have some form of physical or mental limitation, and many were abandoned in churches or parks, left in the cold in cardboard boxes. The children are first taken to a daycare center until they turn 4, which is when they are placed in this home until they reach the age of 18 and can take care of themselves.


The children are given a home, clothing, food and perhaps most importantly, the means to an education. In Peru, without the opportunity to attend school, the children would have a strong chance of ending up criminals or in street gangs. The children who have parents remain in contact with them and stay with them during school vacations. The home was purchased with donated funds in Pachacamac, 25km south of Peru. There are currently 22 children living there with a capacity of approximately 30. The home is run entirely through donations, they do not receive any funding from the state.


Address:    Pasaje Buena Vista Parcela D-30 Pachacamac, Peru

Telephone:  – +51 996152739, +51 1 430 2332  


POCs:  Hermana Nelly Storace


English Spoken: 

The Visit

 Who: Juan Sakata (

When:  Various

Purpose of travel:  Resident of Lima

The Need

Hogar de Niños “La Aurora” is in need of supply donations and volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Date Posted: February 1, 2012
Organization: Hogar de Niños "La Aurora"
Location: Lima, Peru
Supply Donations Needed? Yes
Volunteers Needed? Yes
English Spoken? No

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