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Shines Children's Foundation

Shines Children's Foundation

Shines Children's Foundation

Masindi, Uganda

Who they are:

Shines Childrens’ Foundation (SCF) Is non-partisan/religious Non-governmental Organization registered with the National NGO board Under Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda with Reg. N0. S.5914/11335.The organization was established to care for the Orphans and Vulnerable children, young mothers, youth and widows for social economic Development.


The overall goal of SCF is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of key affected populations (Deprived People) such as orphans, street children, youth young Mothers and youth, drug users, teenagers, women and sex workers in Masindi District.


Since 2013 at its inception, the organization has been a positive force to about 500 people who have benefited in behavioral change of youth and communities by directly influencing and involving young people (14-24 years). The organization focuses on education to improve on the sexual-reproductive health of youth with an emphasis on effective behavioral changes.


The organization has also gained vast experience in working with communities in affecting better food security and nutrition, gender based violence, human trafficking, child labor, care for orphans and other vulnerable children, awareness, HIV/AIDs and Child rights observation and protection.


To create a free society where all children and youth have access to equal opportunities for Sustainable Development.


To provide transformation in our society through provision of education to vulnerable children in slums by empowering youth and women economically through entrepreneurship and vocational training so they can access to equal opportunities for Sustainable Development.


The target population includes children (especially orphans and children without homes), youth (up to 24 years) and women.


A General Assembly, Board, Secretariat Office and Field Offices run Shines Children’s Foundation.
Among other services we run the following programs; Education, Orphan Care, Health and Economic Empowerment.
• Under the Education program, we own and run two nursery/primary schools for orphans and vulnerable children. We also support formal and informal education (including literacy) of the targeted population, including providing educational materials (uniform, exercise books, pen, school fees, etc.…),
• Under the Economic Empowerment program, we provide entrepreneurship skills to encourage saving and credit schemes and income generating activities for un employed women, youth and teenagers. In all other projects we do we consider children and gender equality.
• Under the Orphan Care program, we provide a home for homeless and in this home, we provide food, clothing and health care for children until we get their families to be reunited or after their graduating.
• Under the Health program, we do peer education in schools and other organized youth groups. During peer education we discuss adolescence and puberty, sexual reproductive health rights, and HIV counseling and testing. We also provide general health services to all our children whom we care for in the our organization.


In all these Projects, we work with the community and the general public at large in providing humanitarian complimentary services to disabled, abandoned, vulnerable children, orphans, widows, youths with distress, the elderly, and victims of natural calamities with the Local Government and other civil society organizations.


Address: Plot, 18, Baharagete Road , Masindi Uganda ( P. O. Box 97)

Telephone:  +256786085109


POCs:  Kiirya Denis


English Spoken: Yes.

The Visit

This visit was submitted by James Carroll ( a Peace Corps volunteer.


I first worked with SCF in February and March of 2016, when I enlisted the organization’s help to mobilize schools in Masindi District to participate in a national event called Drop Everything and Read Day. The head of the organization, Denis, was extremely receptive to the idea and both very friendly and easy to work with. Recently Denis re-established contact as he is looking for people to assist with his upcoming Reproductive Health program. Overall I am very impressed with this organization; the mission is great, the staff are very motivated, and the goals are a rare combination of far-reaching and pragmatic.

The Need

SCF is in need of volunteers and supply donations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Potential Volunteers coming to SCF are expected to be involved in the following projects:


1. School Project:
Shine Nursery/Primary School is a school that provides education for orphans and vulnerable children. These needy children require a lot of helping hand in their learning and this would call for volunteers with the following skills. This is a basic list of expectations, but not a comprehensive one because volunteers will be expected to adapt to new environments and changing needs.
• Willing to work with young children
• Teachers in early childhood classes
• Counselors to counsel orphans and vulnerable children
• Love for sports


2. Orphan Care Project
The organization is looking for volunteers who are willing to work in an orphanage. This is a home for homeless children, and in this home the volunteers will be involved in cooking, bathing, washing and playing with the children. This is a basic list of expectations, but not a comprehensive one because volunteers will be expected to adapt to new environments and changing needs.
• Willing to help young and disadvantaged children
• Willing to cook, bathe and feed these orphans


3. Shine Care Centre
This is a Centre where care and support are provided to the needy people, especially those affected with HIV and other chronic diseases, through providing immediate first aid and a mobile Clinic. We are also looking for volunteers who would be willing to help implement our upcoming project in reproductive health rights via peer education. The organization is looking for volunteers with the following skills:
• Doctors
• Nurses
• Counselors
• Peer Educators


4. Sports for life Project
Under this project SCF uses the power of football to mobilize the children and the youth to channel their energy towards productive activities. The activities of the project include inter village competition, reproductive health clubs for youth in villages, young farmers’ Clubs, thematic discussions and peer education. Under this project we work mostly with village or rural based children/youths. This is a basic list of expectations, but not a comprehensive one because volunteers will be expected to adapt to new environments and changing needs.
• Footballers
• Coaches


5. Fundraising and Networking
The organization is looking for professionals who can help in fundraising drives for the organizational activities; we are looking for partners who can help in website designing, crowd funding, and also having fundraising centers in foreign countries such as U.K U.S.A, Sweden, Denmark and many others. We are looking for volunteers with the following skills
• I.T specialist, website designers
• Fundraisers
• People who can help in crowd funding
• Volunteers who can open up offices in their Home country for Shines Childrens’ Foundation

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Your Feedback is Appreciated


Date Posted: December, 1 2016
Organization: Shines Children's Foundation
Location: Masindi, Uganda
Supply Donations Needed? Yes
Volunteers Needed? Yes
English Spoken? Yes

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• School needs
• Office supplies
• Sports equipment
• Clothing for young children
• First aid Kits
• Laptops
• Camera
• Volunteers
• Toys
• Toiletries
• Medicines
• Used auto mechanics equipment
• Used carpentry equipment